Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thrifty Summer-Time Treats

Here's a thrifty summer-time, any-time treat. If you have children you may know that it costs a whopping $4.69 for a box of 20 popsicles. This week, they are on sale at Lowes Foods for $3.00/box. Wow! What a deal, right? Especially if you have a coupon.

But this deal is a bit sweeter, and costs a lot less.

You can get reusable homemade popsicle containers for $1.00 at Walmart and Dollar Tree. Then, stock up on your favorite flavors of Kool-Aid mix. Food Lion had Kool-Aid packs on sale last week 5/$1.00 AND I used a coupon Buy 10/Get 3 Free. So, for $1.40 I got 10 packs - that's .14 cents/pack compared to the usual .25 cents/pack. That's less than 2 cents a pop (.14 cents for the first round) compared to .24 cents for store-bought brand. It may be only pennies...but hey, those pennies add up to dollars!

Anyway, mix up a pitcher of your favorite Kool-Aid, fill the popsicle containers, pop in the freezer, and when it freezes treat your kids (and yourself) to a cool summer-time treat!  It will put a smile on everyone's face!

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