Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Potatoes

I'm thrilled at the progress of my potato garden. I dug underneath one of the larger plants today and found these babies! Gonna give them a little more time to get just a little bigger before I dig them all up. Looking forward to using the planter bed for a summer harvest of squash, if it's not too late to plant. I'm guessing not since our spring has been so cool...will definitely keep you updated. What about you? Are you gardening? The hardest part, I think, is getting started. The fruit of the harvest will keep you going.

Here's the potato plants 2 weeks ago.

Today...look at how much they've grown!

Monday, April 23, 2012

What is Kohlrabi?

New at Wise Farms - kohlrabi. If you're like me this is a totally new word in your vocabulary. So, what exactly is kohlrabi? Well, a loyal customer has shared this link that answers that question and links to kohlrabi recipes. Can't wait to give this new veggie a try!