Meet Your Farmer

This is Gary Wise, co-owner and operator of Wise Farms. I remember his love for the outdoors; how he never slept in past 7:00 a.m.; how he never complained about working in the fields; how, even as a child, he acted like the "grown-up farmer"; and how he absorbed everything that Grandpa and Daddy said and did at the farm.

A graduate of NCSU Gary taught high school economics for three years and farmed part-time during the summer months. Farming afforded him the freedom to be his own boss and to work outdoors; and since those two traits are programmed into his DNA, it is no surprise that he chose to farm on a full-time basis.  Along with his wife, Teresa, and our mother, Helen, he began selling at the N. C. State Farmer's Market in 1995.

"I always enjoyed working on the farm. I feel I am living my dream working on a farm. It is a hard life filled with hard work. The elements and the markets can be unkind but if you can make a living and pay your bills it is a good life, one I would not trade for any job in the world." Gary Wise