Saturday, June 22, 2013

And We Have Peaches!

Peaches purchased at Michelle's Produce at the NC State Farmer's Market
Well, here they are! Beautiful and delicious. I tasted the syrup pack and could only utter one (well 3) words-OMG! These peaches are going to be sooooo goooooood! Sitting here listening to the lids pop, pop, pop which means SUCCESS!
I did find a few bad peaches that I had to throw out; and some that weren't quite yet ready. They will sit on the table and ripen a bit more and will be great for snacking on later this week. As a result my yield was only 8 jars instead of the 15 that I had originally calculated. No problem. That's still a deal at $1.00/pint. I'll take it. Here's the link to the recipe I used.
It was super easy, and the whole process has taken only 2 hours of my time! What a way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon; and my family will thank me when they are enjoying fresh peaches later in the year after peach season has passed.

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