Monday, May 27, 2013

Enjoying Spring

It's a great time of the year to save money by cutting off the central air and opening up the windows. I remember spring Saturdays when Mama would raise every window in the house, turn up her music, and clean. So much for sleeping in. And pollen allergies? Simply unheard of back then.

My house today is covered in morning and late afternoon shade. When the weather is cool at night, and warm during the day, I like to take advantage of it. That is, if we can survive the house's rising temperature in the afternoon. Just hold on! It will be cooling off as soon as the sun sets! But, there are two in my family who suffer from the pollen. They feel much better with the air on, and the windows down. :(

So, I move outside. To my deck. Listen to the birds sing. They are happy indeed. Pull weeds from the garden. Take a walk. How have you been embracing this beautiful spring weather?

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