Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How About 'Dem Eggs!

Pictured here are a few hens from Starrlight Farm in Wayne County. These lovely ladies produce 'dem eggs that are packed in our CSA produce boxes. Robin Creech, owner of Starrlight Farm, wrote this about her hens:

"My "girls" are a big part of our farm life! We started shortly after we moved here in 2002, with 2 hens that were a gift from our neighbor. We have been so impressed with fresh eggs, we no longer buy from the store, preferring to do without rather than use a lesser egg (well, we did buy a couple of dozen over the holidays, we just couldn't skip the baking!) We believe in a modified free range operation - without fences, the "girls" would quickly fall to predation. We have an open style of coop, for great ventilation, and a large fenced yard for them to forage. The yard is switched a couple of times per year to give them fresh ground to work, and the previous yard is planted in produce to our table. Then at the end of the season, the hens go through and clean up the spent plants, and weeds and bugs, all while laying in a layer of fresh fertilizer! We currently have around 50 layers, probably 30 of them in the first year of laying. At peak, we expect to produce +3 dozen eggs per day. We feed a commercial layers mash, supplemented with lots of fresh greens, fruit and vegetable scraps, and healthy bugs. We strongly believe that we need to know where our food comes from, that we have a responsibility to see that feed animals are treated fairly and humanely, and a desire to be more self sufficient. Personally, I think everyone should keep a few hens in the back yard - they provide entertainment and comic relief as they help amend the soil and provide us with the very best food! I am glad my eggs have been included in your business, and hope we can help stimulate a healthy economy!"

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