Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where Does Your Food Grow?

The following is a true story.

Once there was little girl who was visiting her friend's house one hot summer afternoon. The friend's mother offered the little girl some watermelon. The little girl tasted the melon. "Mmmmm! This is the best watermelon ever!" she said, with a great big smile and watermelon juice dripping from her chin. "My dad grew it on his farm," the mother said. "Oh?" the little girl paused. "I thought watermelons came from the grocery store."

We must not lose sight of where our food grows! I am so thankful for the many times my dad would pick a watermelon from the vine, late in the day, just before the summer sun set. It was a treat after working and playing outside all day. These melons were bursting with flavor and freshness. We couldn't wait to taste! In minutes we were covered with watermelon juices, dripping from our faces and hands. Mama would hose us down before we went inside. Nothing much sweeter than that! Trust can't buy that at the grocery store!

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