Monday, March 5, 2012

What's in Your Box?

Just thought I'd share what I did with all my goodies in my produce selection for this week.

First, spinach frittatas for breakfast using the spinach, eggs and sweet onion.

I was out of lettuce so I used spinach on my homemade tacos instead. I always substitute fresh spinach leaves for lettuce. Once, I had a bacon/tomato/spinach sandwich with mayo. Yum!

Quick lunch on Sunday was hot dogs on grill. Mine was smothered with homemade cole slaw using the cabbage.

Sliced and diced carrots into strips for snacking and for packing in lunch.

Dessert on Sunday night was strawberry shortcake. I swear those strawberries from Lewis Farms are the best! Sliced more strawberries to mix in with my vanilla Greek yogurt for a quick breakfast.

I hope I'm making you hungry. These boxes are delivered on Wednesday to NCSU and any day of the week at the State Farmers Market. Also, have a delivery site in Cary, and neighborhood deliveries in Garner.

What's in your box? What yummies did you stir up? Comment and let me know.

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