Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to Have Fresh Butterbeans in January

I've been thinking and have decided that there are 3 easy ways to have fresh butterbeans in January.

First, live in a part of the world where butterbeans are harvested in the winter months. That would NOT be NC.

Second, Grandma's Sunday Buffet where there is always an abundance of fresh butterbeans along with other yummy veggies. WAIT! Grandma's Buffet? How I miss her Southern cooking. God, bless her soul.

Third, grab a bag from your freezer and cook 'em up for dinner. You know, those beans you froze last summer. What? Too busy to freeze fresh veggies? Oh, well. Guess you'll have to look at my pictures for now. Here's the last of my freeze from last summer's goodness. These thangs are incredibly delicious, and so easy to prepare, especially when you buy them already shelled at the Market. My cost is $2.00/bag; each bag is 4-5 servings. Time spent-1 hour. So worth it to have fresh butterbeans in January. Just follow this recipe, pop 'em in your freezer, and you, too, can enjoy fresh butterbeans in January.

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