Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cindy Cooks-A-Lot

Meet Cindy Cooks-A-Lot. And I mean she cooks A LOT. She cooks in huge quantities for a large family, pretty much every day. You can spot Cindy at the Market filling up her red wagon, and making trips to her car to unload and refill - once, twice, maybe even three times. She demands fresh, buys in season, and preserves those flavors for future use. Her pantry is filled with home-canned goods; her freezer runneth over. Cindy is an avid gardener who understands and appreciates the hard work that goes into growing fresh fruits and veggies, and she never leaves the market without at least one new flowering plant or herb for her garden. Hooray for Cindy Cooks-A-Lot!
Tomorrow, Jo-On-The-Go.

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