Monday, September 26, 2011

Seasons Change

I love it when the seasons change. It's hard to say which one is my favorite. I welcome spring with daffodils bursting forth from the earth and birds singing and building their nests all around our yard. The warm days quickly turn into hot, humid, long, summer beach days. And just when you start to get used to the heat, the seasons change again as the plant life turns into the gorgeous colors of fall. Call me crazy, but I even like the cold, wet, rainy days of winter, mixed with a little snow every once in a while.

Since I've committed to eating locally-grown seasonal foods, I now have something else to look forward to. As we bid good-by to the melons of summer, we are greeted with the fruits of fall. Apples, and pears, and muscadine grapes! Fall also brings in a new crop of sweet potatoes, pecans, greens, winter squash, and root veggies. Comfort foods for making stews, and soups, and for the "chili" nights ahead.

Here's how I make my home-made soup. Save any leftovers from a beef roast, including the carrots and onions. To that add one can of diced tomatoes, another can or two of water, and any other leftover veggies like butterbeans, cabbage, or green beans along with salt and pepper to taste. Heat and serve with grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Better than Mmmmm Good!

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  1. Hey! How you doing? I think that this blog is the best one yet!Yes, I agree that the sudden changes in weather are quite remarkable! I cannot wait for the next blog!