Friday, April 1, 2011

Blue Eggs

Blue eggs? It's no April Fool's joke, and no...these eggs haven't already been boiled and dyed for Easter. Are they robin eggs? No, but they are from Robin's farm. So, I asked her, "Why blue eggs?" Here's her reply.

"I asked this very same question myself....apparently, there is a genetic abnormality in this breed of hen, whereby they only see the color blue....since they only see blue, they only forage and consume blue-hued plants, flowers and bugs. Since they only consume blue feed, the only pigment they have to lend the shells is blue. The more greenish colored consume some grasses along with the more blue feed, it would seem they may be slightly color blind. Your average brown-egg layer is not too discerning, she will consume any and all feed stuffs before her. Just like in painting, when you mix too many colors, the result is a rather drab brown. And as to the white egg layers, they are generally an albino chicken, pale in feather as well as egg - they cannot process color at all."

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