Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quince Fruit

My knowledge of fruits has been challenged. Recently I was asked by my faithful follower, Chris, if I knew what quince was....ahhhh, never heard of it. So, I had to research.

According to quince belongs to the pome fruit family and claims apples and pears as its cousins. For over 4,000 years quince trees have been producing this tart, golden yellow fruit. The harvest season for quince is September-January. It's great for baking and is a good substitute when a recipe calls for apples or pears. Quince has a very high pectin content, which makes it the perfect fruit for jams and jellies, as shown here straight from Chris' kitchen. Orange in color, it tastes a lot like tart pears, very good. The texture is a lot like honey. Thanks, Chris, for sharing!

Any other fruit or vegetable challenges? One is never too old to learn!

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