Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My new favorite vegetable is asparagus. Not only is it yummy but it is very easy to prepare, making it the perfect side dish when you need to cook a meal in a hurry. Even better is that a serving of five asparagus spears has only 25 calories, and is loaded with potassium, folic acid, and glutathione (an antioxidant that helps prevent the progression of cataracts,and has strong cancer-fighting properties, and good news for men, helps to maintain healthy sperm). The harvest season for asparagus is mid-winter to mid-spring. Grab a bunch from your local farmer's market, rinse under water, and cut off tips of stems. Then, place in a microwave dish, sprinkle with lemon pepper, cover bottom of dish with water (about 1/4 cup or less), add a few small slivers of butter, and microwave covered for 3-4 minutes. Delicious, fast, and easy!

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