Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saving Dollars! Hollar!

One would think that Schick was trying to give away their razors this weekend. And since I am not picky about which brand of disposable razors we use, I thought I'd give Schick a try. It also didn't hurt that I had 2 coupons for buy one, get one free (BOGO). In addition, Lowes Foods had Schick razors on sale. And on top of all that, two of the packages had a coupon that said "Save $2 on one NOW"! And since this was Lowes Foods Super Doubles Week, it meant that the $2 would double to $4.

Well, I will not keep you in suspense any longer. Here's my deal.

I purchased 4 packs of disposable razors that were marked $8.20 each.

The BOGO coupons marked them down to $4.10 each.

Then, the $2 coupons doubled to $4 and since I had 2 of them that marked the price down an additional $8.00

Here's the math:
4 x $8.20 = $32.80
Less 2 x $8.20 = $16.40
Less additional coupons - $8.00
Total Cost = $8.40 for 4 packs of razors - that's $2.10 a pack.

Then, when I got home I noticed that 3 of the 4 packs have $2.00 coupons inside the box! That's an additional $6.00 in coupons just for purchasing Schick razors. I'll be saving these coupons for the next super doubles week and hopefully catch another good deal!

If you are a couponer I'd love to hear about your most recent savings! Post a comment and share with the world!

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