Saturday, September 17, 2011

Who's Your Farmer?

I watched a good movie this week. It was a love story, well kind of. The non-fiction film, "Ingredients-Who's Your Farmer", illustrated how people across the country are working to revitalize the connection between farmers and food; and featured restaurant owners passionate about food, farmers careful to preserve the soil, communities banding together to support local farmers, and schools educating the children about the importance of eating healthy.

I gleaned so much from the film, and was amused when the teacher asked the boy, "What are vegetables?" To which he replied, "Vegetables are for vegetarians." This simply reinforces that we have to educate our children! Many don't know how fresh tastes, or even what it looks like. They think peas come in cans at the grocery store. Like my brother said in the panel discussion that followed the movie, "We have a major disconnect with people not knowing where their food comes from or how it's grown."

Why does it matter? Oh...don't get me started...more to come about this event in future blogs.

I met Nancy Creamer, Director of Center for Environmental Farming Systems at NCSU

The movie was shown at Witherspoon Student Center at NCSU on 9/14 and was part of an event sponsored by The Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS). Later a panel discussed what's going on in and around the University in an effort to support local farms. The panel consisted of a representative from the Campus Farmers Market; 2 local farmers; University Dining Senior Director of Hospitality Services; a grad student who is part of a team researching local agriculture, horticulture, and livestock;  and a rep from the 10% Pledge Program.

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