Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Color Purple

Have you ever seen a purple sweet potato? A purple pepper? Neither had I until earlier this summer. I guess you're never too old to experience something for the first time.
Sweet Potatoes - purple, orange and "ole-timey" white

Peter Piper picked a peck of purple peppers.

When a food is naturally purple (i.e. that's the color God gave it) then it is filled with wonderful flavonoids and antioxidants, or compounds filled with ammunition to fight bad cells that seek to steal, kill and destroy our bodies. The flavonoids found in purple foods help protect blood vessels, and are beneficial in ... oh what is it ... oh yeah, reversing short-term memory loss that comes with aging. Sounds like I need some purple foods!

So, what does a purple sweet potato taste like? Well, it tastes like sweet potato, so good.

And purple peppers? Well, they taste like sweet bell peppers.

Stock up on these purple foods and enjoy!

Purple Cabbage - so crunchy and pretty in a salad
Purple Muscadine Grapes - These yummies are in season now! Eat the peel for more fiber.
Dried Prunes
Dried Plums
and Red Wine - If you don't drink alcohol, then Welch's grape juice.


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