Sunday, July 3, 2011

Days Gone By

On my walk the other day I saw something that I haven't seen in a long time. There was this house in my neighborhood with a front porch. On this front porch were chairs, and in those chairs were two couples - sittin', hangin' out, talkin', killing time. This brought back a flood of summertime memories and inspired my latest poem. I titled it "Days Gone By".

Days gone by
Hot summer nights
Barefoot and chillin'
Underneath Southern lights.

Days gone by
Front porch we're a'sittin'
Swattin' at dem flies
Fresh lemonade a'sippin'.

Days gone by
Ice cream homemade
Peach-flavored and delicious
By the oak tree shade.

Days gone by
Fireflies a'dancin'
In a little while
Couples are romancin'.

Days gone by
At a snail's pace
Much ado about nothing
No worries 'bout life's race.

yeah...those good 'ole days gone by.

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