Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why I Use My Own Bags

With this being Earth Week I thought I'd share reasons why I use my own bags. The bag in the far right below is one I've had over 20 years. Underneath the word "EARTH" it reads "Every American's Responsibility To Help".

With these big bags I have fewer trips back and forth to the car to unload the groceries.

Just look at how much this bag holds...and it is not even full! Imagine cramming all this into one plastic bag, and no...the bag is not too heavy to carry.

Love this little bag. I actually have two this size. They are vinyl and perfect for meats. I help fill the bags at the store and package like items together. It helps save time putting things away when I get home.

Most cloth bags are machine washable, and vinyl bags can easily be wiped clean, making them last a really long time.

Lastly, no plastic bags accumulating in the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink, or eventually filling up the landfills. Makes me feel like I'm doing my part.

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