Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Grilled sweet potatoes - what a treat! And oh, so simple! These potatoes were baked at 350 for about 40 minutes. When they had cooled, I sliced them into 1/2" slices. Didn't even bother to peel the skins. Then, Gary grilled them for about 12-15 minutes more and basted them with honey moments before taking them off the grill.

If grilling raw sweet potatoes it takes about an hour to get them to desired doneness, and they need to be brushed with olive oil to keep them from cooking too dry.

We served these at the annual St. Patty's Run today in downtown Raleigh. Bagpipes. Lots of green. Men in kilts. Band music. Runners. Children dancing. Sights and sounds of vendors promoting sustainable living. Charitable event to raise funds for multiple sclerosis. All that and sweet potatoes too! 

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