Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cutting Back on Sugar

On Valentine's Day I decided that it was now or never. The time had come for me to cut back my sugar intake. Three factors jumpstarted this decision.
1. Type 2 diabetes runs in my family.
2. My brother told me he had dropped 20 lbs just be giving up sweets.
3. It wasn't going to happen by my just wishing for it. I HAD TO ACT!

So, I embarked on this journey. I did suffer from headaches and feelings of lethargy on days 3 and 4, but I hung in there. Cut back drastically on soft drink intake. And I mean drastically. Went from 2-3 sodas a day to 1-2 each week. Replaced them with water and added lemon when I wanted a little taste. Didn't eat from 2 batches of brownies that were baked at my house these past 2 weeks. Haven't had the first girl scout cookie, even though we had purchased 7 boxes. And the hardest thing of all - no Little Debby treats. It may be a small feat for some, but for me it has been a major milestone.

We have a weekend ritual at our house that involves waffles for breakfast, covered with that high fructose laden syrup. Not wanting to give up our family waffle time I decided to try pure maple syrup, and much to my surprise, I liked it! Who knew?! So, now if I can find a replacement for my chocolate cravings...any ideas?

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