Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Great State

Sarah Palin loves her great state of Alaska with all its many natural resources, scenic views, and the hard-work ethic of the people who live there. Her recent reality show featured many of these including the logging and fishing industries, the Valdez pipeline, glaciers, rock climbing, dog sledding, and her most controversial episode in which she hunted caribou in the wild to emphasize the availability of Alaskan wildlife. 

I so relate to her strong feelings for her great state, because I, too, love my great state, the state of North Carolina. Here we bask in the warmth of spring, the heat of summer, the chill of fall, and those sometimes dreary, but always beautiful, snowy and cold days of winter. NC has mountaintop views and miles of coastline with so much in between - farmland, lakes, timberwoods, wildlife, parks, universities, historical towns, medical centers, research facilities, manufacturers, and communities filled with hard-working people who, like Sarah Palin, love their families and are passing that good ole American, hard-work ethic onto their children.

Yes, I love my great state, and am proud to make NC my home.

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