Friday, July 2, 2010

Let's Talk Okra

This picture was taken on June 20 just when the okra pods were beginning to bud. The okra is now being cut three days a week with daily deliveries to the market. The growing season will last into August.

Okra is a family favorite and easy to cook. Breaded in corn meal, okra can either be baked or fried southern style. Okra is a great companion to tomatoes, corn, onions, and peppers, making it a yummy addition to soups and ratatouille. The broth from boiled okra can be strained and used as a cooking broth for beans. Okra is fairly easy to pickle and is tasty with pork or beef barbecue.

When shopping for okra look for a good green color. The lighter the green, the fresher the okra. Small pods (2-3 inches) are more tender. Okra will have a scratchy texture, but should not look shriveled. When stored in the refrigerator okra will stay fresh for several days. Tomorrow I'll post a recipe for corn pudding with okra.

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