Friday, June 4, 2010

Memory Lane

This is my dad, William Wise, enjoying another day at the market. As far back as I can remember he has been an outdoorsy man. His main job for 33 years was that of welder and crew supervisor for a natural gas company. He worked 40 hours in four days, which allowed him a three-day weekend. He spent this time gardening and farming with his father growing corn, soybeans, wheat, and tobacoo. They also grew squash and cucumbers, and every day from late May to early July we harvested and loaded their trucks with baskets of freshly-picked produce. The afternoons were spent at the market in Faison, which at one time was a hub of activity, where the buyers would place their bids, and the baskets were literally unloaded from our trucks straight into the refrigerated transfer trailers and driven cross country.

Through the years my father and brother have continued to increase the acreage of the farm that my grandfather started. Each day they bring fresh produce to the NC Farmer's Market just for you. Why not pay them a visit and enjoy the fruit of their labor.

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